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Madazon Can-Can, M.Ed. 

is a Salt Lake City based performance artist. A Jack and Jill of many trades, they pride themselves in being versatile. 

Madazon is a constant feature at Salt Lake City underground and corporate events as well as a working educator and world traveling performer. Dubbed a chameleon by their professional associates, they strive to achieve a vision that satisfies both the client and themselves as an artist.

A hardcore theatre kid, puppeteer, clown, burlesquer and variety entertainer, if anyone can...

Madazon Can-Can.

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Madazon Can-Can, M.Ed.  just graduated with their Masters in Education with an emphasis in curriculum design and instruction in Performance Art for Social Change from Weber State University.

Now their work is turning to the sexually starved atmosphere of Salt Lake City and the city ain't even READY. An Activist in body, movement and mind, an Art Addict, Producer/Performer, Gallery Curator, Radical Education Enthusiast, Burlesque Badass and community organizer, if anyone can, Madazon Can-Can.

Follow them on their social media to keep up with local events, social shenanigans, the newest political push for performers in pasties, clown content and of course an awareness of performance art for social change in the City of Salt.

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Image: "Don't You Know You are Toxic" 

by High ISO Photography

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