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"Burlesque on a Brick Wall" by Carlo Panti at Provacateur STudios, 2017.


Madazon Can-Can is a working professional Burlesquer, Drag King, Puppeteer, Clown, FEMcee, published pin up model and Educator based out of Salt Lake City, UT.  

They are a graduate with their Masters in Education from Weber State University with an emphasis in curriculum design and instruction in Performance Art for Social Change.

Their Award Winning One Person Show "Genit-HELL YEAH" provided the critical piece to finish their thesis at the end of 2019 and inspired their new book in progress, "One Tit at a Time: Overeducated and Underdressed."

Madazon has performed in Idaho, Colorado, New Orleans, Texas, California, Missouri, Wisconsin and Tokyo. They perform in numerous venues across the Salt Lake Valley including The Gateway, The  Metro, Prohibition, the Arts Hub, The Beehive,  the Impact Hub and the Art Factory.

Check out their "In The News" and "Interviews" sections for podcasts, articles, and more.


  • Featured Performer for Polka Dottie's "It's a Beautiful Day in this Neighborhood"-Denver, CO 2019

  • Featured Performer for Stella Sin's "Dripping in Gold"-Boise, ID 2019

  • Headliner for Annie Mae Allure's "Shameless Showtunes"-Kansas City, MO 2019

  • Featured Performer for Carnivale de Sensuale's "Halloween"-Denver, CO 2019

  • Featured Performer for Bettina May's "Evening of Burlesque"-Ogden, UT 2020


Genit-Hell Yeah!

Best One Person Show in the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, 2019


Critic's Choice in the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, 2020

Please see their "Awards and Accolades" tab for a detailed list of their awards and recognition.

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