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A fully immersive and interactive chance to PLAY with everything you thought you knew about gender, sex and being human.

 WINNER of the 2019 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival's

Outstanding One Person Show


A Clowny Fully-Digitized Romp through the world of Covid-19 for Salt Lake's Most Nekkid Clown.

WINNER of the 2020 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival's

Critics Choice Award

An Interview with Eve

Jokes on You, You're the Host and Eve's the Special Guest.

Now you can finally ask her what REALLY happened in the Garden of Eden with that pesky snake and Adam...the Original Man (cough, cough).

Send in the Clowns

A Marionette Hour  with SLC based Puppeteer

"Lady Fingers the Vaudevillian Clown."

An All Ages Traveling Show!

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