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Limited Edition Pizza Bookmark

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       Tit Stickers by Madazon Can-Can

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  Sin and Salt Shibari Sets

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a clown? 

Well, wonder no more! Madazon Can-Can (a recent scholarship recipient and graduate of Mooseburger Clown Camp) has taken the wisdom of some very SERIOUS clowns (no pun intended) and put together some beginner clown kits for those interested in pusuring their silly side.

$50 for Standard Beginner kit includes:

-1 Paintbrush

-1 Make up Brush

-1 circular sponge applicator

-2 triangular sponges

-1 eyeshadow applicator

-1 full size mid-grade clown white


NOTE:Grease paint available upon

request at altered price

-3 mini tubs of waterbased facepaint

(red, black and blue)

-1 set of false eyelashes

-Rhinestones upon request at altered price

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