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Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Dom

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

It begins with an understanding. This is what I am. This is what I always have been. It begins with saying...Yes.

I think back on my life and not just the past five years that I (with full tongue in cheek) call my "awakening", but my life. The things that caused 'kinks' in the rope of the storyline. The moments that I will never forget and the humans that entrusted me with their most radical and honest truths. Those people. They're the reason I decided to start writing this. I may be the human confessional, but where does one turn to dump confessions when they're full of stories that don't necessarily belong to them.

The funny thing is, you don't have to know who belongs to what story. The names will be made up and maybe even the circumstances. It is creative non-fiction after all and if indeed I am here to entertain, then my primary objective is to never leave you bored or dare I say it...unsatisfied. What a tragedy that would be.

Consider this blog my confessional. I deserve it after all. The years of holding other's shame, stories, circumstances, fantasies and projected desire must be deposited somewhere. The goal is not to shame, but to laugh, to cry, to share incredibly human experiences and perhaps come away with an understanding that some things are simply universal.

Welcome to the vault of a shame anarchist, a radical educator, a desperate anti-romantic, kinky clown and ex-Mormon dom.

Here to help and thank you for reading.


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