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The Barber of SeXXXville

"Get naked and climb into the shower." He doesn't explain anything to me.

I already know what's going to happen.

He laid out his trimmers earlier in the day, the soft purple lights glowing as they charged in my bathroom. He told me to go up there, just to see what was there. We call this 'planting seeds' where I'm from or an expert's way of creating antici-pation. Nothing other than...maybe you might want to visit this room, this place, this experience...maybe. No force.

That's not how it works. You only invite, never force.

I showered and ensured the water was nice and hot so all the hair follicles on my body would relax for what was going to come. I had been growing my hair out since I met him.

On my entire body. It had been two months at this point and around week one was when I gently suggested that we play Barber and Client...maybe...just maybe it might be something that becomes a thing for us.

My pubes were extra long at this point and my leg hair needed those trimmers before anything else could ensue. He laid me down on the velvet covered mat on the ground and brought in a spotlight. I was completely nude at this point and he placed himself between my legs with the spotlight behind him. He then proceeded to shave my legs, my genitals and leave just enough of my wild bush to create a 'heart' right above the slit of my vulva.

How sweet.

He started with the trimmers and then brought out the razor.

He told me to keep my legs open the entire time to not let sweat get in the way of the razor...we like a close shave. And he shaved all of me. Getting inside my legs with the attention of a devoted and dedicated Service Top. I could see his concentration as each swipe of the razor brought him more and more joy and exposed more and more of my vulva.

The sensations of my hair being shorn off from my most delicate places created waves of pleasure I had to calm down so as not to get 'nicked' by the razor. Shaking, it turns out is not appreciated by Barbers of any kind.

He kept his glasses on and brushed away the hair as it fell away from my body. I couldn't see anything and just laid on my back, legs open allowing my darling Service Top to serve me and create the most delicious scene. The light changed as the day faded and the spotlight became even brighter as I imagined us being witnessed by spectators curious as to what a sexually deviant and delicous barber would do once he got his hands on an open and willing pussy.

He was entirely behaved and the "Heart" soul patch above my vulva beckoned sweet kisses that tempted him the entire time, but in service we know...we give to give and as my legs were moisturized with lotion and oil after the shaving ended and he used my "Donut" glaze (safe for everywhere) aftershave on all my tender spots...I must say...I never imagined a Barber could be so absolutely Devlish and Delicious.

I am a lucky one to be in cahoots with such a creature as this.

The inner details of the rest of the night are ours, but let's just say he'll never forget the way I taste and I'll never forget the gift of his hands so expertly providing me pleasure without ever having to insert a finger.

Clean the tools my darling.

I love it when you care so deeply for your things.

Then come familiarize yourself with my heart.

That one, the one you created.

You perfect pervert.

Thank you for being mine.

And yes...I adore that you shaved everything on me to Classical Operatic Music.

You Perfect Pervert.

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