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It Woulda Been Nice

It woulda been nice

To know you like this...

Just a little bit longer.

But now I see you as a distant thing

And I'm far off in another world

Of peace, open hearted love things

And the depth only heartache can bring.

You did this.

Not to me, but for me.

Sweet one I'll never touch again

Nor do I long to

Your body is beyond reach

And the desire is beyond that

In a grave with no dirt

I thank you for leaving.

How does one find such bounteous freedom

If not through death

The one you wrought upon me

In the Winter of no reprieve

I ache no longer

The heart is at utter peace.

Such peace.

I've never known love

Like the love I've found for myself.

It woulda been nice

To know you.

But it's nicer still

To not.

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