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Let Me Call You Master



Once more...NO.

Please don't call me Master. You haven't earned it.

Not yet.

The thing about being a Master is that it is an honor, oftentimes a calling, but most of all a responsibility. I am responsible for my servant. This includes how he behaves in public, what he says and how he operates his life. It is so much more than a relationship of love or lust...this is trust at its foundation.

He says without words as he wears the collar I gave him, "I trust you to not lead me astray. I trust you to guide me. I trust you to care for my mind. I trust you to care for my body. I trust you to know what's best for me."

"I trust you."

Does it feel like love...Hell no.

It feels like utter devotion. With this kind of power I could ruin a person's life.

But, I won't. I can't. I honor this exchange as one of the most necessary places of education I can come to with another human. I educate him on trust.

The teaching to trust...possibly the one person in the whole world that my servant can.

The words, "I feel safe with you" are better than any "I love you" I've ever heard because...

I earned it.

Because he earned it.

Makes you think differently about that "50 Shades of Grey" song don't it?

This is why you cannot call me Master. I don't trust you....


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